the old man and the sea

the old man and the sea

The story of an old fisherman, who is the human embodiment of man, and a giant fish, which embodies the animal in the animal world, come to a fateful confrontation and create intense drama. A philosophical parable concerning the power of human will in the face of impossible challenges, in old age and in society's attitude towards it.

 Hemingway's masterpiece, one of the best and most famous of his works, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer Prize, receives a new visual and modern adaptation, in the unique stage language of the "Eagle" ensemble. A combination of movement, wordless play, contemporary music, advanced video art screenings, puppetry and lighting, create an extraordinary mix ranging from "live" cinema on stage, to "cinematic" theater. An extraordinary adaptation that reveals the relevance of the story to the reality of our world today.

Duration of the show: 55 minutes.

Directed and arranged by: Yoav Michaeli
Video Art: Eli Levy
Original music: Amir Grumman
Doll design and instruction: Moriah Ben Avot
Lighting: Uri Morag
Actors: Roi Gur, Oren Atias, Avichai Cohen, Kobi Aderet, Reut Gil, Liron Ben Zaken.
Photo credit: Radey Rubinstein

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