Goral Hagra

Goral Hagra

Goral Hagra is a secret and mysterious ancient Kabbalistic ceremony that passes from the heart of our hearts among the sages of Jerusalem. It is rarely forbidden and performed.
To cast lots one needs an ancient Torah scroll written in two columns, one asks a question, then one opens the book at random and counts seven here and seven here: the verse that falls by fate is the answer.

The show was inspired by the famous fate of Rabbi Aryeh Levin, a miraculous and mystical figure of a Jerusalem tzaddik, after repeated pleas from the bereaved parents of the LH department, whose sons' bodies had just been transferred from Gush Etzion to Mount Herzl and twelve of the fallen were not identified.

Through a wordless performance, a series of multi-disciplinary stage and visual images, movement, music, lighting and advanced video projections, moving on the border between cinema and theater, the ensemble describes the incredible story.
A mesmerizing and acclaimed show, winner of the Golden Hedgehog Award for Video of the Year.

Duration of the show: 50 minutes

By and directed by: Yoav Michaeli
Video Art: Eli Levy
Music: Amir Grumman
Costumes: Maya Bernib
Featuring "Eagle" ensemble players: Oren Atias, Ofer Freeman, Kobi Aderet, Roi Gur and Itzik Menasherov.
Photo credit: Sally Raspberry

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