About the theater

About the theater

The 'Fringe' Theater was established in 2010 in the Old City of Be'er Sheva, and since then the place has been home to independent artists in various cultural fields - theater, dance, music and literature.

The theater unites around it a community of artists who together build original and high-quality work with innovative characteristics of the Israeli cultural world.

In 2012, the permanent venue of the Fringe was inaugurated, with the assistance of the Beer Sheva Municipality. In 2020, the building was renovated with municipal assistance

Since its inception, the Beersheba mayor Ruvik Danilovich has been a principle supporter and encouraged all the Fringe's endeavors.

Every year, more than 150 adult and children's plays, dance and music performances and art exhibitions are performed in the theater.

In addition, the theater provides over 500 artistic social-community activities each year across the country.

The "Eagle" ensemble, which operates in the theater, has performed its productions internationally including:

  • VAULT Festival, London; 
  • A-PART Festival, under the title "A-PART special" Katowice Poland;
  • ZOOFEST Festival, Montreal Canada;
  • GIFT Festival, Tbilisi Georgia;
  • FIAT Festival, Podgorica Montenegro;
  • HIGHFEST Festival, Yerevan Armenia,
  • The Theresa Pomodoro International Award for "TEATRO-SPAZIO", Milan Italy.
  • IETF Festival, Hanoi Vietnam;
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