Yoav Michaeli | Playwright, director and artistic director 

One of the founders of the Fringe Theater in Be'er Sheva

B.A in acting and M.F.A specializing in directing from the Department of Theater at Tel Aviv University. Taught Goodman Acting School of the Negev.

Among his works:

Herzliya Ensemble: "Poker".

The Library Theater and Beit Zvi: "Doubtful Anarchist" and "Candide".

Goodman School of Acting in the Negev: "Saturday, Sunday, Monday" (Goodman's premiere production), "Sea", "Lisistrata".

Directed in many different settings at the "Mirror" Theater, Tel Aviv University Theater, Thelma Yellin and more

In 2007, he founded his own theater group, in which he, in collaboration with the American Zionist House in Tel Aviv, staged his first play, "Bigmist."

China House Theater: "Princess Mary 7".

At the Fringe Theater: "No More Paying", "Addiction", "Playing with Fire", "Ayelet's Secret Potion", "The Border Inside" (writing), "The Knight the Witch and the Princess Detective", "The Last Jew's Son" "B Polar "," Dr. Baruch "," Goral Hagra "," Naples. Brooklyn. Caesarea ". Yotam and the moon", hug me forever Patricio, the old man and the sea, #Hedda



Eli Levy | Video Art Designer

A graduate of film and television studies at Hadassah College, he graduated with honors. For the past 14 years he has been working in the field as a film producer and director.

Among his works:

Manages ELP Film Production Company. Produces and directs films for leading companies and organizations in Israel and around the world.

Over the years he has taken part in the filming of TV series: "The Champion", "Arab Work".

As a journalist he creates articles for foreign and local broadcast networks

At the Fringe Theater: "B Polari", "Dr. Baruch", " Goral Hagra", "Naples, Barkolin, Caesarea", The Old Man and the Sea, #Hedda


AviShachui | Set designer

Graduate of the Department of Theater - Stage Design at Tel Aviv University.

Winner of the Finkel Award at the Habima National Theater for designing the set for the play "Tiny and Anton".

In 2012 winner of the Golden Hedgehog Award for set design for "Addiction."

In 2014, winner of the Golden Hedgehog Award for the setting of the play "The Son of the Last Jew."

Among his works:

Habima Theater: "Siegel", "Ghosts", "On Life and Death".

China House Theater: "Broken Cloud", "Dance in Six Lessons".

The Cameri Theater: "The Wonderful Woman Within Us", "Amy's World", "The Good Son", "The Father".

Tmuna Theater: "Jumping Abroad", "The Woman from the Sea".

At the Fringe Theater: "No More Paying", "Playing with Fire", "The Son of the Last Jew", "Addiction", "B Polar", "Dr. Baruch".



Amir Grumman | Musical editing and original music

Creator, composer, arranger and music producer.

Among his works:

Winner as the creator of the "Marionta Sol" ensemble, Which has released four albums consisting mostly of songs he has written and composed.

Engaged in improving the alternative music scene in the country.

At the Fringe Theater: Original Music "The Son of the Last Jew",

Musical arranger in the play "B Polar", "Dr. Baruch", "Adventure in Blonde", " Goral Hagra ". # Hedda


Maya Bar Niv | Costume designer

Graduate of the Kibbutzim Seminar - Stage Design Studies.

Among her works:

Ohel Theater: Cultural Movement - "Gardens of Hairdressers" Project,

Tmuna Theater: "Moderate Physical Stress" 2015,

Frankfurt House Community Theater: "The Cuckoo's Nest",

Acre Festival: "Pnina Lev Paper",

Caesarea Ancient Festival,

Nissan Nativ Game Studio: "Winter Funeral",

Frankfurt House Community Theater: "To Revenge",

Teatronto - "Hungry Artist", "Only Galia Sees Them",

Orna Porat Theater and Kibbutzim Seminar: "The Princess on the Lens".

At the Fringe Theater: "Dr. Baruch", " Goral Hagra ".


Dalit Inbar | Costume designer

Holds a bachelor's degree from Tel Aviv University, Department of Theater, majoring in stage design.

In addition, she studied interior design at the Barbara Berzin Studio and curators in the Technion's Foreign Studies Unit.

Has designed dozens of stages and hundreds of costumes for theater productions in various settings,

In public, private, independent theater, festivals, acting schools - as well as for television productions, photography and events.

Won two awards from the "Ophir Film Foundation" for artistic management and costume design for the movie "Dream Square".

At the Fringe Theater: "Naples. Brooklyn. Caesarea." hug me forever Patricio


Ronen Ben Harush | Lighting programming

Chief lighting, programmer and operator.

Over 20 years in experience the field of lighting of theatrical arts.

Works in theaters such as the Cameri, Habima, the Israeli Opera,

Batsheva band, mascot band, and in TV productions.

Ensemble Atim - "And he said, Let him go," "And let them worship and be afraid," Opera in Masada 2011-2012,

The Cameri Theater - Luggage Packers, Women's School,

Habima Theater - close to normal, Evita, the latest work

Batsheva Band, Unknown, Glitch

Amulet band.

At the Fringe Theater: Programming and Operation in London "B Polar", " Goral Hagra"

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