Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

The site was established and operated by the Fringe Theater in Beer Sheva in order to provide its customers with a convenient, accessible and high-quality means of obtaining information about the theater and purchasing tickets for plays and performances.

Use of the Site
During the process of purchasing the tickets, the customer will be required to provide personal details - name, last name, telephone and e-mail address. Plus, full credit card information. The details that the customer is required to fill in will be marked as required fields.
Tickets will be ordered by credit card only. (Purchase tickets in cash is only possible at the theater offices or at the box office on the day of the show). Theater subscribers cannot log in through the website and must contact the customer service center by phone - 08-6466657. At the end of the order, he will send the customer an email with the details of the show and receipt for the purchase to the e-mail entered in the system.
To purchase tickets for the show, you can enter the 'show board' at the top of the home page or the 'shows of the week' at the middle of the home page.
From the moment the tickets are ordered, the customer appears in the fringe theater system as the person who ordered the ticket and is included in the list of spectators. Tickets are collected from the theater box office on the day of the show. The card can be printed at home and taken to the theater.

If the tickets were purchased on the assumption of a corps or student, go through the box office and present the valid certificate.
If no confirmation has been received for ordering the tickets for the e-mail entered at the time of purchase, check the spam folder (spam). If the confirmation is not available, there may be a problem with the theater's e-mail system or there may have been an error entering the customer's e-mail address. In this type of case, you can contact the customer service center by phone - 08-6466657 (extension 1 or 2) and a representative from the theater will send you the confirmation.
A surfer on the website who has subscribed to the mailing list (newsletter) of the website, hereby agrees to receive articles, updates, advertising or marketing information to his e-mail address or to his mobile phone. The surfer who entered the e-mail or mobile phone details when purchasing or when registering for the mailing list, may at any time remove himself by sending an email to the theater's customer service manager: noy@fringeb7.co.il. It is important to fill in accurate details, such as the e-mail address and telephone number, so that the theater can locate you in order to report a postponement / cancellation / change in the show.

In the event that the customer is unable to attend the show, for any reason, he must notify the theater 24 hours in advance of the cancellation of the ticket, and the theater will credit him with the full amount. If he was not allowed to announce the cancellation or the cancellation took place 24 hours before the show, the Fringe Theater will keep the ticket to the customer's credit for three months from the day of the show, and can be redeemed at any other show based on availability.
It is strictly forbidden to bring food and drink into the theater hall.
Customers who are late for the show will not be allowed to enter.
The Be'er Sheva Fringe Theater reserves the right to terminate the site at any time and without prior notice. In addition, the theater undertakes to maintain, preserve and take care of the site to the best of its ability, and to ensure proper service without defect or defect to the site's surfers.

Policies and Terms of Use
Please read carefully the terms of use of the site, which are written in male language for convenience only, and are addressed to both women and men.
The use of this website (hereinafter - the "Site"), is subject to the terms of use set forth below. The use of the website indicates the customer's consent on the website (hereinafter "the user" or "the customer" or "the customer") to what is stated in the terms of use. The Be'er Sheva Fringe Theater may change the terms of use of the website from time to time, without giving prior notice, and the changes will take effect upon their publication.
The Fringe Theater Beer Sheva maintains the privacy of the surfers and ticket buyers on the site, and all customer details will be kept confidential in the Fringe Theater's ticket sales system. The details will not be passed on to anyone who is not authorized to do so by law or by the regulations, without the user's consent and will not be used at all except for the uses listed below.

Database and information security
Fringe operates advanced protection systems in order to allow you to shop safely and securely on the site and to maintain the confidentiality of the information as much as possible. The data transmission on the site is encrypted. Any transfer of a credit card number from the site is done according to an accepted standard. The site will not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the person ordering the card, if this information is lost or reaches a hostile party and / or is used without permission. The website undertakes not to use the details of the customers on the website, but only for the purposes of operating the order, and in order to enable the purchase to be made.

Use of information
The use of the information or data provided by the user, as stated above, will be made in accordance with the terms of the information security policy, in accordance with the provisions of the law, and for the following purposes: making reservations and purchasing subscriptions and / or tickets for plays and performances in the theater. Sending information and publications regarding the theater to the user's e-mail address. The user may notify the Fringe Theater Beer Sheva at any time that he is not interested in receiving this information and content. Contact the user about the order he placed.
The Be'er Sheva Fringe Theater undertakes to refrain as much as possible from giving the user's details to a third party, unless permission has been given by the user or this is required for the user's request or in case the user has violated the site's terms of use. Such actions or in the event that the Habima Theater receives a court order instructing it to provide details about the user to any third party.

User responsibility
The user agrees that responsibility and risk for any damage and / or loss caused to him due to the use of the information registered on the site, including a third party, are his sole responsibility.
Intellectual Property and Copyright
The site is the intellectual property of the Fringe Theater Beer Sheva and no one or organization other than it has any rights or monetary claims or any spiritual claims on the site at present and in the future, without a written contract signed by the Fringe Theater Beer Sheva. A surfer / user / customer is not allowed to transfer, reproduce, distribute any information or image that is protected by copyright by the Fringe Theater in Beer Sheva.

In any case of dispute or dispute between the parties in the context of the subject matter of the Bylaws, including the terms of use thereof and all that arises from them and / or involves them, the competent court in Be'er Sheva will have unique jurisdiction. The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to these Terms and Conditions and shall be construed solely in accordance therewith.

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