We do everything we can to allow even people with disabilities to enjoy a pleasant entertainment experience at the Fringe Theater in Beer-Sheva!

For your convenience, a hearing system for hearing impairments is installed in the theater hall.
The personal audio system covers the entire seating area according to a standard and is connected to the sound amplification system of the hall.
The system is compatible with home TV headphones as purchased through the HMOs and they are also used to watch theater performances.

Accessibility details
Access to the box office and the entrance gallery.
Audio amplification systems, hearing-impaired headphones, are located at the checkout counter.
Accessibility in the parking lot.
The ushers and staff were trained for accessible service.

Wheelchair accessible areas
Please inform before coming to the theater that you need special seats for wheelchair users.
Note that you will be placed in the front row in front of the stage.

Disabled services, including easy access and wheelchair access, are located in the theater plaza.

Audio systems for the hearing impaired
The theater provides on demand, audio systems for the hearing impaired, the efficiency of good assessments to the theater hall.
If this service is required, please indicate when ordering tickets by calling 08-6466657, extension 1.
You can also use headphones for listening to TV,
The system is compatible with home TV headphones as purchased by residents through HMOs.
Please note that upon receipt of the headphones from the theater staff, you will be required to leave a deposit until the headphones are returned.

Near the entrance to the theater there are a number of disabled parking spaces that are prominently marked.
If you need a place for a wheelchair, please let us know by phone: 08-6466657 extension 1
If you use the theater cinema, make sure to keep it close to the ushers at the entrance to the theater (it will not be possible to enter the cinema halls).
In order for us to provide you with an efficient, professional and fast service - if you need an audio kit for the hard of hearing and / or for any accessibility item -

Please indicate this at the time of purchasing the ticket or booking the place so that we can allocate an accessible and convenient place in the hall and prepare the items in advance.

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