Festival 2017

Festival 2017

Beer Sheva International Fringe Festival (July 11-13) is a multi-disciplinary festival that crosses audiences and ages and is a quality stage for the best artists from Israel and the world in the fields of theater, dance, music, street art and plastic arts. The festival is being held for the seventh year. The main ones in Israel and the largest and leading cultural festivals in the south. The festival was recently accepted into the EFFE (European Festival Association) and is gaining a reputation as a prestigious and quality event. This year, more than 40 performances from Israel and abroad will be hosted, and more than 200 artists will take part in three days of extensive and colorful artistic activity.

The artistic program presents a unique line of original, critical and diverse work, which combines original productions, the best fringe creation in Israel, premieres born especially for the festival and a selection of international performances that provide a contemporary and fascinating picture of independent art. During the festival And from shows and quality performances for a nominal fee. The festival will feature street performances from Spain, a street circus from France, dance from Romania, and an acclaimed performance from Austria. In addition, there will be music performances by 'Lola Marsh', 'Shapita', and 'The Giraffes'. Children's plays marked by stage adaptations of literary classics such as: 'The Little Prince' and 'The Sixteenth Lamb', and a complex of local artists creating art on the street.

As part of a collaboration project with the Goethe-Institut - the Institute for the Dissemination of German Language and Culture around the World, the festival will host the "Disappearing Wall" installation.7 complexes operating simultaneously throughout the Old City; The Youth Center Hall, 33 Hechalutz Square, the Fringe Theater, 2 stages in the Youth Center parking lot, the Fringe Theater plaza and Anielewicz Street are becoming a colorful and unforgettable celebration of art for the whole family.

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