We in the Fringe theatre believe 
That Israel's cultural assets are a central component of the identity of the Israeli community. Every person in Israel has the right for culture - the right to create and consume culture.

We believe that recognition of culture and sport as the basic values ​​of the individual and of the society, which embody excellence, self-fulfillment and inner wealth - contribute to the shaping of a high quality and healthy community.


Our basic premises:


Communal projects in the Fringe:

Fringe Youth - an annual project

The Fringe Youth project is an employment and personal empowerment project for youth. As part of the project, the Fringe Theater accompanying youngsters for two years, up to the military induction stage. As part of the project, the youth integrates into three central axes: the first axis is personal and group support, the second axis is the employment axis in which every youngster is employed in the Fringe Theater. The third axis is an encounter with the theater world through theater workshops, viewing and processing of plays.

These three axes complement each other, and we believe that the youth will also be able to develop mental strength, enhance self-image, increase the sense of ability, develop social abilities and acquire various tools for coping with real life.



The project was initiated by Iris Golan (jewelry designer), in collaboration with the Fringe Theater. The initiative was derived from the desire to raise a fair, that could greatly contribute to artists and small businesses from all over the city, and to provide a platform for art and creativity.

An artist's fair for the entire family, displaying works made by local artists at affordable prices! Artists in LIVE! Musical performances and pure street theater! The night market creates a unique 'scene' and a lively place, that connects the residents of Be'er Sheva and the surrounding area to the community, to the city and to each other through artistic and creative tools. In this manner, the quality of life in the area increases, a “sense of place” creates a strong connection while increasing community strength.

Together we transform the entire space into a colorful night market, that manages to leave a mark on the renewed Old City!


Tikkun Leil Shavuot” (learning on shavuot night)

A unique night initiated by BINA - Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture and the Ministry of Education, the Fringe Theater and the Beer Sheva Municipality.

Every year at the start of the Shavuot holiday, women, men, families of the city's residents and members of the communes of the secular yeshiva, take part in the “Tikkun” (fix) -  a unique holiday night with Dialogue circle about central issues in daily life, in holiday atmosphere.


Youth Festival

As part of the Fringe Youth project, the youth participated in a production course where they learned about how to produce a cultural event. Together with youth from the center of the 'Kapit', the youth produced they first Youth Festival in August 2016; The youth festival included a master class with Subliminal, an improvisation performance, performances by youth bands and a party
This was the first year and the beginning of a tradition for the city's youth.
See you in the summer of 2017 at the 2nd Youth Festival!


Annual volunteering

Project in progress. As part of the project, the theater's employees will join one of the associations operating in Be'er Sheva. The money for the activity will be transferred to donation.

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