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7.3 meters depth, about 7 meters wide - including behind the scenes (you can put a curtain that will reduce the depth to 6.1 meters and thus create behind the scene).

 Behind the scene:
It is possible to place an organizing compound for artists behind the scenes, as part of the depth of the stage.
 Artists Room (“green room”):

The theater has an artist's' room (“green room”)’ located in the theater lobby (not behind the scenes), where the artists can makeup and organize before the show.
Please note that the Artists Room is located outside the theater hall.


70 seats positioned in 6 levels, creating a frontal seating arrangement (audience in front of stage).
Or 150 standing seats for music performances. Seating arrangements can be tailored to the needs of the show.

 Control room:

A control room is located behind the seats, and controls all the amplification and lighting equipment in the theater.

A system of CCTV is installed in the theatre.
Box office: 
A sales window located at the entrance of the theater, including telephone and internet infrastructures.

 Rest rooms:

A separate structure, located in the theater complex. it contains a general restroom structure, which includes 3 cells, and a disabled restroom structure which includes 2 accessible cells according to the standard.

 Audience Entrances:

Main audience entrance to the hall, made according to standard.



the following link: accessibility.

an artistic gallery is located In the lobby of the theater, which presents unique exhibitions every month. For more information click here
theatre courtyard: 

The courtyard is located opposite the theater. A total area of ​​520 square meters of which 450 square meters for public occupancy. The site meets safety requirements and maximum occupancy of up to 450 people.
In addition, a temporary barrier can be placed, accordingly to the type of event.

 Food and drinks:

Food and drinks are not allowed inside the theater.
However, next to the theater (15 meters), located a charming cafe called “Lola”, and a little further away you can reach the food avenue on KKL Street (5 minutes walk), or “Arabika” Restaurant (Herzl 12 |3 minutes walk).


For more information, please contact:

Uria Yechezkel

Fringe Center Director & Head Producer

+972-8-6466657 (extension 5)



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