Picture of Event: Naples, Brooklyn, Caesarea

Naples, Brooklyn, Caesarea

Monday, October 05 2020 19:00
Event duration 75 minutes
Price 10 - 50 ₪

About the show

A farce about matchmaking, one story, three places.

The story begins in Naples. Don Carlo, widowed wealthy businessman, desires to marry his only daughter, the feminist Julieta. But it seems that Julieta is not interested in any man, and likewise, no one is interested in her.

Don Carlo is about to give up, until one morning Salvatore Barezi, a hypochondriac Insurance broker, comes knocking on his door with a marriage proposal. Don Carlo won't be letting go of this opportunity.

The only problem he's got, is the vow he gave his late wife Esperanza – that he won't marry Julieta with someone she isn't interested in. When Salvatore's twin brother, Franco, comes with tragic news about the business – Julieta falls in love with him. From this point onward, begins a hilarious comedy of errors.

The story continues in jewish orthodox style, but with some changes; the same plot, but with different names Don Carlo is now known as Mr. Karlobach, the "Gvir" (rich man) and Julieta is now Judith-Lea, in Brooklyn of the beginning of the 20th century.

The end of the plot takes place in Caesarea of the present, in the home of the oligarch karlov (past Mr. Karlobach and Don Carlo).

The same plot, the same characters, three different eras and one matchmaking story.


Will there be a wedding?


Length: ~70 minutes


Writer and director: Yoav Michaeli.

"Ayit" ensemble Actors: Kobby Aderet, Oren Atias, reut Gil, Dani Shapira, Roi Gur, Itzik Menasherov, Avichay Cohen. Filmed actress: Tzahala Michaeli.

Lighting: Uri Morag.

Costume design: Dalit Inbar.

Video-art: Eli Levy

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