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The Fringe website allows customers to make online ticket purchases to various shows and events. This page explains the purchase process within the website and the relationship between the purchase and the Fringe Theater. Please read this carefully before purchasing tickets from this website.


The Fringe Theater website operates advanced defense systems that allow you to make quick and secure tickets purchases. The preliminary sales regulations will be updated from time to time at the discretion of the site's management. The tickets selling system designated for users aged 18 and over only.


Information security:

The Fringe theatre website operates advanced protection systems, in order to enable a safe and secure purchase in the site, and to keep the confidentiality of this information. The data transferring in this website, is encrypted. Any credit card transfer made in this website, is done according to the accepted standard. The site will not be liable for any damage, indirect or direct, that will be caused to the ticket purchaser, in case this information is lost or reached by a hostile entity and / or used without authorization. The Website undertakes not to make use of the purchaser personal details, except for the purpose of operating the order, and in order to enable execution of the purchase.


Purchasing process:

After selecting the event / show you want to purchase ticket for, choose the card type and the number of tickets you want - you will be asked to enter your credit card details in order to make the purchase. you will need to enter cardholder information (full name, phone, e-mail address), next to the card details. Please note that only the credit card holder, whose details are specified on the purchase form, will be able to receive the tickets ordered. The tickets will be given to the person only at the physical display of an official ID (driver's license, ID card or passport), and the credit card through which the purchase was made. Upon completion of the purchase process, an e-card will be sent to you by e-mail, containing the order details, which recommended to print in advance in order to display at the box office.  If, after the purchase process, no confirmation number nor email has been received, the credit card will not be debited and no ticket will be issued, unless the user has entered the correct email address at the purchase process. If the transaction declined by the credit card company, a note will be sent to the customer's email address. If confirmation is not received within 15 minutes from the end of the Purchasing process, please contact us at 08-6466657 or by email to [email protected]


Collecting the tickets:

The tickets will be delivered to the customer at the box office, located at the theatre entrance, starting from time that specified on the site. In some cases, there may be a limited time during which the tickets can be received. In such cases, the hours of tickets collecting will be noted on the site, after which the tickets cannot be collected.


Limitation of Liability:

By purchasing ticket on this website, the customer declares that it is clear to him/her that there may be changes or misleading publications on the site or outside of it, and / or changes in the artistic program of the event, and / or changes of the event schedule, and / or availability of tickets, and / or refusal to enter the show/event, and / or participation in the event, and / or anything else related to the event or any damage caused and related to the event including property damage, physical or mental damage inside or outside the premises of the event. In case of cancellation of the event by the event's producers prior to its opening, the tickets ordered through the site will be canceled or exchanged for tickets to another event / show, according to the customer's request. Customers interested in refund, will be able to receive it, less the handling fees. The Fringe theatre shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused as a result of the cancellation, or changes in the event/show. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the termination of an event/show by the producers or by a third party, after its beginning, is not under the responsibility of the website, and any complaint or claim on this matter will be made to the producers only.


cancel reservation:

Transaction made in this site, can be canceled by e-mailing to: [email protected], and / or by telephone: 08-6466657, no later than 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on holidays, prior to the event / show date. Please attach the purchase confirmation sent to you by email, to the cancellation request. In the event of cancellation, the amount paid by the customer for the ticket(s) will be refunded, deducting cancellation fees at the rate of 4% of the transaction amount, and as long as the cancellation request was submitted no later than 24 hours before the date of the event / show. Cancellation fees will be deduced from the ticket price, without handling fees. Tickets cannot be canceled after the pre-sale has ended or after all the tickets for the event / show have been sold.


In order for us to start the event/show in time, we ask the customers to collect the tickets fifteen minutes before the beginning of the event/show.

Refunds will be accepted only 48 hours in advance. You can cancel by phone or leave a message in voicemail / by emailing to us from the "contact us" page.

Are you late to event/show more than 10 minutes? You won't be able to enter the event/show, nor receive refund.

Note that in music concerts the specified event/show time, is the door opening time noted in the website. The show will begin about an hour after the doors opening.


For questions: 08-6466657

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