What is the Fringe Theater?

What is the Fringe Theater?

This is a great question. First, let us tell you what is not: it's unusual, unpretending, not boring (!), not institutionalized, uncommercial, not "dolled-up".

It's a theater.

The meaning of the word "Fringe" is - borderline, not part of the mainstream.

The center is defined by his borders, and for us – everything begins in the borders!

The borders are the Avant-garde, the Pillar of fire, the spearhead – are the place that rarely comes first in our minds.

The Fringe carries with him the new theatrical Gospel.

The Fringe is a place that allows creative minds to explore and try their own language,

Without any oppression or restriction. This is the place for experimentation, innovation, and breaking different boundaries.

The Fringe is a theater designated for different kind of shows and experiences – less "dolled-up" and more relaxed.

Fringe is a language – come and learn it!

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